Cool Shit Round up 10.07.2015

The Ad

#WeGotYou by Hill Holiday for The Partnership for Drug Free Kids. We all know that anti-drug fear-mongering is a dead end but this is a clever campaign nonetheless!

‘It’ll feel like everyone is doing it’ and ‘I want to fit in but I don’t want to smoke.’



The Art

Political Portraiture by Lola Dupre. See the full collection here.


The Song

Regret by Everything Everything. Really enjoying the album, it’s not easy to find a relevant guitar band these days.

The Photo Collection

‘The History of Grime’ by i-D magazine


Cool Shit Round Up 19.06.2015

The Ad 

Germs on Holiday by DKLW Lowe for Domestos



The Art

Low Poly Game of Thrones by Mordi Levi


The Tune

Leaders by Rome Fortune x Fourtet

The idea

James Murphy, veteran New Yorker and the man behind the excellent LCD Soundsystem is making a symphony from NY Subway bleeps

The Article
‘photographing strip club culture in the south’ by Felicity Kinsella at i-D